Going through my boxes

Damn, today I was moving my furniture and I had to movedthe boxes in my room when I was doing that because it was in the way. It took a fair bit of effort and all that dust on the boxes just kept making me sneeze like crazy. Yeah… it was pretty bad. I didn’t realise how many boxes I had until today, and what I have in my room isn’t all the boxes I have!

So yeah as you can see above that is a lot of boxes @_@ I had to rearrange my furniture because I plan on getting a new shelf to put some figures because I haven’t had any room for quite awhile now… but looking at this geeze maybe I should cut down on collecting because it is a lot of money and I kind of want to do other things with my money such as saving, buying clothes and going out. It’s jsut too hard to quit collecting though. Everytime I see a new figure prototype I’m just like “that’s a must buy.” Oh well ~ I guess that’s the way it is when you’re collecting figures


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